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Support Australian Business - Buy Local | Acrux Sports

The big question these days is why shall one buy locally from a store like Acrux sports when you can by from internet companies based anywhere in the world.

Well in today’s world we are all connected and technology has indeed made the world a small place. Internet is a big marketplace where one can buy online with few clicks, although cheaper than your local brick and mortar store sometimes, but from someone selling on the other end of the world.

Surely there are pros and cons to this and cricket equipment is no different. An English willow cricket bat marketed by most companies starts its journey from England, to the factories of North India and then the distributors, finally making it to local dealers where you can select the willow that you feel best suited to your needs.

Assuming that in this whole chain, looking at the large volume of logistics involved, only if there are knowledgeable persons handling the bats that one can expect good bats every single time. Unfortunately the people selling from other side of the world and the distributors are mere parcel pushers and may not be passionate about cricket the way you are.

Acrux sports is driven by a team of passionate Cricketers who know their game. We have a dedicated team of ex and current prospective cricketers who scout for good bats in any range available straight from the factories. We check for balance, weight, pickup, ping, and profile for you thus eliminating 80 percent of stock bats coming out of the factory whilst charging a small premium for the service. The premium that you pay goes towards the extra layer that we add to vet out the best kit for you. Yes we may not be cheapest online but we surely are the cheapest brick and mortar store in Australia who try to add value to your purchase. We select the best for you to bring the best in you.

Furthermore we are a local company who pay their taxes which helps contribute to the Australian economy and nation building activities. Being a brick and mortar store you can also have a feel for the bat that you would like to purchase or if you buy inline with us you can try the pickup of the bat and if donot like it you can return it within 14 days. Lets support local business and make this sport grow and our Nation prosper.

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