Top Tips of Selecting the Best Cricket Bat for Yourself

Top Tips of Selecting the Best Cricket Bat for Yourself | Acrux Sports

When it comes to choosing a cricket bat, you must be cautious. You will find a number of cricket bats in the market of varying brands and costs. But you must look for well-renowned brands and a few qualities, before selecting one. Here on this page, let us discuss the qualities that you need to look for.

The Material

Quality Cricket bats are made up of two kinds of willows — Kashmir Willow and English willow. While the Kashmir willow is harder, its English counterpart is a bit spongier in comparison. Thus, if you are a stroke player, you must opt for Kashmir willow, which will get the ball farther. On the other hand, if you are a wrist player, predominantly relying on timing, English willow will be a better option. Thus, this is the first and foremost factor to look for, while looking for a quality bat from a renowned brand.

The weight

Next, you need to opt for the weight of the bat. Again, if you are a front foot player, relying more on stroke-making than anything else, a heavier bat should be your first choice. If you are a back-foot player, relying more on timing than on footwork you need to opt for a lighter bat, to facilitate more bat swing for a greater impact. For instance, you can look for the SS Cricket Bat if you are looking for the lighter ones. It will give you better control and comfort.

The Length of the Handle

You must not ignore the length of the handle while choosing your cricket bat. If you have a good height, then opting for a longer handle will be beneficial for you. It will also help you to have better control over the bat and the strokes you take. If you are, on the other hand, a short-height player, it’s better to opt for a bat with a short handle, as it will give you better control and liberty of stroke-making.

The Grip

Cricket bats come with a variety of grips, which are made up of rubber and composites. The modern bats come with a variety of grips. They include chevron grip, zigzag grip, plain grip, dynamic grip, octopus grip, and the fish scale grip. The type of grip that you need, will entirely depend upon your wish and more so, on your batting style and your batting stance. But if you have a bottom-hand grip, like that the Indian batting greats Sachin Tendulkar or West Indian Vivian Richards had, you need to have multiple grips that will result in less friction when you strike the ball.

The sweet spot

Finally, you need to think about the sweet spot. It’s the spot on the blade that provides the maximum ping, and fastest travel of the cricket ball when struck with that area or spot of the blade. You must opt for a bat that has the largest sweet spot as it will result in a better run-scoring opportunity.

Lastly, when you opt for a Grade 1 bat never ignore the thickness of the blade as it will make a difference in the stroke making.

Thus, there are so many points to look for, when you opt for a quality cricket bat. We at Acrux Sports come up with some of the best bats for the trainees as well as seasoned players. Call us at 0414 668 721 for further details.