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Sponsorship Program

We at Acrux Sports believe that Cricket is one of the best sports to unite people from different communities. Our sponsorship program is for professional and aspiring cricketers in order to provide them access to quality cricket bat, equipment and training gear.
Every ambassador whether Individual Players, Coaches and Clubs are very carefully selected as they represent Acrux Sports. We support them for their love and passion for cricket as they play a significant role in the cricket community. All the sponsorship applications are handled with utmost respect and we welcome new application throughout the year. For existing ambassadors we review the sponsorship contract every year before start of the season. Please fill out the respective Sponsorship application if you are interested in being part of our family and provide as much detail as you can as your application is the key tool for us to know about you and your game. We are actively looking for talented young cricketers to be our proud ambassadors. If you are a good fit we would love to hear from you and we will be in touch for further discussion. Submitting an application should not be considered as an automatic acceptance into the program.

We offer 4 kinds of Sponsorship programs –

  1. Individual players
  2. Level 2 and above coaches
  3. Clubs
  4. Tournament Sponsorship 

Individual Players & Coaches

Sponsorship program is open to all Australian & Overseas individuals. Depending upon the level of cricket and the experience of the individual, the program is structured into 3 tiers. This offers them a chance of being rewarded with an apt level of discount as per the tier and will help them to focus more on the game with our support. Sponsorship tier will be reviewed every year and will give them a fair opportunity to move up in the tier.

Please note, to apply for a sponsorship program, you must be a registered member on our website. It’s Super Easy and Free.


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