Acrux Sports supports all genuine warranties. We endeavour to provide standard warranty in accordance with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. We always strive to process the warranty claims within reasonable time frame that might include the assessment by the manufacturer at times depending on case to case.

Please see below the Warranty Period for the gears where warranty period commences from the date of purchase.

  • Cricket Bat – Comes with standard 6 months warranty for the manufacturer’s fault and does not cover the customer fault. Please see below for Bat Warranty details & Process
  • Protective gears – Split seams/stitching are covered under warranty and the warranty period is 3 months. Wear & Tear including broken strap buckles are not included in Warranty under any circumstances
  • Kit Bags - Split seams/stitching/broken zipper & faulty wheel are covered under warranty and the warranty period is 3 months. Wear & Tear including breaking of wheels is not included in Warranty under any circumstances
  • Shoes - Split seams/stitching/spike blowout or separation of the sole are covered under warranty and the warranty period is one month. Wear & Tear including stud threading is not included in Warranty under any circumstances
  • Helmets – Only broken micro adjustment feature is covered under warranty and the warranty period is 3 months. Wear and tear or any damage caused by impact of a cricket ball, careless handling are not covered under any circumstances
  • Rest of the Products - will be assessed by Acrux Sports and or the manufacturer on goodwill basis
  • Bat Repairs – Bat repairs do not come with any warranty as after the repair the bat needs to again face the cricket balls coming at a high speed and can either break in one ball or might last long for years.

As a surgical procedure has its risks associated and there is no guarantee, same implies to the bat repairs. Though we do our best and take all necessary precautions, the bat will not remain or perform the same as before (depending on the kind of repair). However if any issues arise, these can be assessed by Acrux Sports on goodwill basis.



  • A Cricket bat will never remain new once you start using it. It’s a natural product that faces cricket ball at high level of speed repeatedly, therefore having superficial or facial cracks on the bat is inevitable.
  • Having facial cracks on the bat DOES NOT imply that bat is defective as small amount of cracking is normal
  • Facial cracks can result during knocking process whether manual, machine or in training sessions. IT IS NOT A FAULT IN THE BAT. Such cracks do not affect the performance of the bat. These can be removed by simply sanding the bat.
  • Life of a bat depends on your use and amount of care you take
  • Buying an expensive bat does not indicate the bat will last longer. In fact expensive bats are made up of aged tree which are less in moisture content and make bat perform better but on the down side less moisture content can reduce life of the bat. More price in no way guarantees the longevity of the bat.
  • Facial cracks can be prevented to some extent by preparing your bat thoroughly, maintaining your bat and taking care of your bat by following do’s and don’ts that are listed below. Please see our link on how to maintain and take care of your bat



  • Service the bat regularly, we recommend getting it serviced twice in a cricket season. Please see the guidelines or you can get it professionally done by our skilled staff
  • Maintain the toe protection (Rubber Toe guard or shoe goo only)
  • Use genuine Australian Hide cricket balls
  • Always apply a face protection sheet or extratec with side edge tapes on the bat



  • Do not leave the bat in the car, high temperature environment or direct sunlight for long time as it will dry the bat, increasing the chance of more cracks and breaking the bat sooner
  • Do not play with dried out bat as dried willow will snap soon. We highly recommend to regularly service the bat. Please see the guidelines
  • Do not play with the bat if the thread of the handle is loosen or starts coming off. You will need to fix this asap to avoid damage to the handle
  • Do not play against bowling machine balls at all. All bowling machine balls are very hard as compared to leather balls. Warranty will be forfeited for the bat played against bowling machine.
  • Do not play against bad, hard, moulded & low quality leather balls


If the above guidelines are not adhered to, then the warranty will be voided.

A Cricket bat comes under 12 month standard manufacturer’s warranty that includes major and natural split in the bat or if the handle breaks into two.

Bat Warranty doesn’t not apply and will be voided under following conditions:

  • The bat exceeds the 12-month warranty period from the date of purchase
  • The manufacturer’s stickers/labels have been removed
  • The bat has not been correctly prepared as recommended (a full knocking, Oiling, face & toe protection process must be followed)
  • The bat has normal cracks or wear and tear cracks with no effect on performance
  • Damage to the toe, shoulder and or Full length edges will not be covered under warranty in any circumstances
  • If the handle is broken due to loosen thread and or thread starts coming off, handle will not be covered under warranty in any circumstances
  • The bat has been damaged due to exposure to heat, water or moisture
  • Bowling machine has been used against the bat
  • Damage due to over oiling/Under Oiling
  • Edge and Toe cracks due to inaccurate play
  • Swelling of toe due to dampness
  • Damage due to Yorkers or Hitting the bat on the ground, stumps or any other surface
  • Use of  hard, moulded & low quality leather balls against the bat
  • Tying a thread on any part of the bat’s blade
  • The bat is used without any toe and or blade protection


Bat Warranty Process

  • Bat warranty covers Manufacturer’s fault and not the customer’s fault or wear & tear
  • We need to see the physical bat first before we can advise anything and move on to the next step. So please bring in the bat to the store or post the bat to our store with the original proof of purchase along with the signed document that you received at the time of purchase. If you are posting the bat, please specify your full name, Order No. and Mobile No on the package
  • Both sided postage cost is paid by the customer. We advise you to post the bat via registered post with signature on delivery as Acrux Sports will not be liable for lost parcels under any circumstances.
  • We will assess the bat and might need to send it to the manufacturer for assessment, hence the timeframe can vary, though we try to provide the outcome in reasonable time frame
  • Bats with broken handles are replaced with a new handle. The average turnaround time is 2 weeks and sometimes it can take longer due to busy time of year, public holiday, courier, customs, etc.
  • Stickers will be damaged in the process of replacing the handle and any kind of repairs. Retailers don’t have access to new stickers and hence can’t provide stickers under any circumstances.
  • Bats with major natural split – vertically or horizontally – this will need to be sent to manufacturer for assessment. The average turnaround time is 4- 6 weeks and sometimes it can take longer due to busy time of year, public holiday, courier, customs, etc.
  • Above are guidelines, however each claim will depend on the kind of damage. The protocol of the procedure including the time frame and outcome will vary from case to case. Acrux Sports Management reserves the rights to the final decision
  • We will get back to you if the manufacturer refuses the warranty in case it is not a manufacturing fault. We also understand your disappointment if your warranty is refused and request you to understand our limitations too. However, we might help you with repairing the damage on purely goodwill basis from case to case.


We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, as they cannot be shipped to international destinations. When you place an order, we will estimate shipping and delivery dates for you based on the availability of your items and the shipping
options you choose and update it to you via email.
Please note that the shipping rates for many items we sell are weight-based. The approximate shipping cost of products is as follows:

Weight Products
(quantity ~ 1)
0 kg –
0.5 kg
Accessories $7.50
0.7 kg –
1.1 kg
1.2 kg –
1.7 kg
1.8 kg –
2.4 kg
Bats $14.99
2.5 kg –
2.9 kg
Pads /
Kit Bags
3.0 kg –
5.0 kg
Kit Bags
5.1 kg –
10 kg


For any concerns,queries or claims, please email sales@acruxsports.com.au or call 0414668721